If It Wasn’t For My Coaches

What if you knew someone who believed in your dreams just as much as you do? When you have someone cheering you on to the next level of greatness, there is no limit to what you can accomplish! I know from experience how powerful this support can be. These life -changing relationships can upgrade your view of what you believe is possible and move you beyond the life you envisioned.

As a first generation college student growing up on the south side of Chicago, I had a supportive and hard working mother who helped me to paint a picture of what I could manifest in the future. It didn’t reflect the financial distress I saw on the news, the unemployment rates that plagued most of the residents around me, and the educational poverty that was prevalent in my community. She told me that ANYTHING was possible and that I could do or be whatever my mind could imagine if I was willing to work hard. Really? Well she didn’t have to tell me twice! I believed it and tried to think of the most creative roles that I could take on in life. At a young age, I woke up confident about my future because I was mentally conditioned to look at the possibilities instead of the problems.

Now some people may not have a strong and supportive family environment that propels them forward in their career ambitions. It’s not the end of the world. There are over a million people on this earth that can! I met some of those individuals when I was going through the college application process.

I had an amazing counselor at Whitney Young Magnet High School who reassured me that it was possible to pay for college even if I didn’t obtain a full ride or partial scholarship. Really? Now you know he didn’t have to tell me twice. I believed every word of his message despite what others would say due to their experience. Since I wasn’t rated as an exceptional high school scholar, I relied on my 500+ hours of community service in order to gain sponsors who were willing to invest in my future. During high school and college, I researched and applied for over 100 scholarships. This enabled me to obtain over $100,000 in scholarships and internships. Guess what? I paid for college! I walked across the stage with a double major in Accounting & Finance and a minor in Community Service Studies without any loans! I am so thankful for my high school counselor.   

I knew that I wanted to become a CPA when I stepped foot on my college campus but I didn’t know what it would take in order to make that happen. I did not personally know any CPAs who could walk me through the process. The statistics showed that less than 5% of minority business professionals hold the CPA designation. So what did I do? I spoke to the pros!  During my freshman year, I went to the Accounting department and connected with juniors and seniors who were willing to guide me through the course selection process and prepare me to be a CPA candidate within 4 years. They told me that I should consider a double major and summer courses. I didn’t even know that people could select multiple majors. So cool! I followed the plan and became a CPA at the age of 23.

With each new step that I take, I am greeted by individuals who are willing to coach and show me that life can be even greater. This is truly a blessing and something that I never take for granted. That’s why I have always been committed to giving back. I know how powerful it is to have someone in your corner who believes in your dreams just as much as you do. I want others to experience what I’ve experienced. So in winter 2013, the light bulb came on and I had an idea to create CEO Unlimited in order to help individuals Create Endless Opportunities. CEO Unlimited provides an extraordinary executive experience for those who want to get promoted to the next level in their lives. Through resume critiques, interview preparation, bio development, pageant preparation, scholarship search assistance, and more, I can help you to become the CEO of YOU!

Many people wonder if they should hire a coach or take advantage of mentors. YESSS! A coach gives you a perspective beyond your own. They can take you from where you are to where you want to go! When searching for a coach, you should make sure that the individual has the credibility to give you advice in a certain area, reflects your values, and also has an unwavering belief in you that exceeds your own.

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Keep Creating Endless Opportunities,

Ms. Corporate America 2015