Live from Orlando: The Untold Pageant Perks

Hello America!

I am blogging live from Orlando, Florida! I just had the opportunity to participate in a summer MCA photo shoot with my beautiful sister Queen Mrs. Corporate America Dennelle Hickson. Talk about fun in the sun! We worked different poses while on set in Winter Park, Florida. We moved fiercely as we catwalked, smized. and laughed while the photographer captured each moment. Professional photos will be released this summer. Stay tuned!

As a Queen, you know that you will have the opportunity to get glamorous for photo shoots. Yes – that’s what the website says! Photo shoots galore! It’s a pageant perk that every Queen loves because it allows you to express your visual and physical creativity.  There are other pageant perks that may captivate other contestants. Prize package usually includes a crown, plaque, flowers, monetary prize or product, autograph cards, sponsor gifts, coaching, national exposure, platform recognition, and opportunities to be a spokes-model.  You just have to love pageants! Now as I was perusing the Ms. Corporate America website, I realized that there was one pageant perk that was untold…..

MCA Queens Summer Photo Shoot Preview 

Corporate Queens 

                                                    Sister Queens  

I had no idea that I would have the opportunity to work with an ambitious, loving, and innovative business guru like Mrs. Corporate America 2015. Mrs. Dennelle Hickson is an extraordinary business leader, wife, mom, and coach who moves fearlessly through life achieving her dreams. In her, I found a mentor, coach, and friend.  I call her when a brilliant idea comes to mind and she energetically is on board saying “Let’s make it happen!”. Today we had lunch in order to engage in some Queenly planning. Now I’m sure you know what happens when Queens come together. The most royal ideas are formed! We want to take our experience beyond pageantry and empower women all over the world. Lofty goal right? Maybe. But everything starts with a desire, moves forward with determination, and ends with a specific destination in mind in order to create a dream that inspires others to dream BIG.

So what really happens when you connect with like-minded women through pageantry? We give ourselves permission to dream the most audacious and life-changing dreams that we can envision. Most people have been incapacitated by their fears and disappointments for so long that they don’t even know how to dream. When you allow yourself to dream without any inhibitions, great ideas are born and a greater person is being made! That’s one of the greatest gifts that you can unwrap through pageantry.  I’m glad that I have the opportunity to witness some of these untold pageant perks so that I can tell the world what pageantry truly represents.

Keep Creating Endless Opportunities,

Ms. Corporate America 2015