Business 201: How Deep is Your Love?

There goes that "L" word again. You will notice that I use the "L" word often because it's the secret to getting everything you desire. Don't believe me? Well keep reading!

I had to skip over some of my scheduled business blog postings in order to introduce this topic. Why? Because I’m being tested right NOW. The temptation is knocking on my door. The trials are filling up my agenda. Time doesn’t seem to be my best friend anymore. Every situation is forcing me to answer the question “How Deep is Your Love?” That’s why this is an opportune time to talk about the power of LOVE. Love can be such a fragile emotion but once you discover what LOVE can do, it can be POWERFUL.

When you are faced with competing priorities and business doesn’t appear to be moving like the energizer bunny that is roaming in your mind, you have to think back to the time you first fell in love and remember your WHY. I’m sure we all remember when we fell in love with a business idea that could transform everything we saw in front of us. That moment created an irreplaceable footprint on our heart. It's like the lightbulb came on and the answers to our most passionate questions were answered. We could suddenly see a vision of the future that is more exhilirating than the past and more grand than the present. It seemed like the law of attraction was working overtime because every person, tv ad, email, social media message, and encounter reminded us of our ideas. Our idea was truly life changing! If the idea worked, we could be FREE!! This was our happily ever after exit strategy. The thought of the idea just makes us tremble. We are just sooo in love and it’s written all over our face. Your heart beats uncontrollably because you are finally allowing yourself the opportunity to fall in love with the possibilities of what this business can become. You're excited and ready to tell the world!

And then……..

 A different type of reality tries to interrupt what your heart is feeling. You begin to think, “This idea would be perfect in a utopia where you don't have any life responsibilities.” Your mind begins to list out all of the responsibilities that could immobilize you. Then you start hearing words from cupid's incompetent cousin. How are you going to have the time to do this? How much money will this cost? Where do you start? What if you fail? How do you know if this will work if you don't know anyone who has done it? You are fighting a battle in your head that says “Do it! Wait. Go. Stop. Why? How? When? Yes. Not now. This is your time.” AYEYEYEYE…All of these competing voices start screaming at you. What do you do?

Stop. Drop. And roll over so that you can hear the most purposeful and powerful voices that are speaking to you. If you are at your place of employment and things don’t go as planned, you usually have to work overtime. Are you willing to work overtime for your dreams? You have to be STRATEGIC and determine which course of action works best for you. If you need assistance, hire a coach that will help you create SMART and HARD goals that will propel your vision (Have you heard of HARD goals? I recently heard about this type of goal on a mentoring call. Very creative! Let me know if you would like me to share). Then you have to stay COMMITTED to the plan nomatter what happens. So does that mean I have to commit time to finding a web designer or designing my own site if I can’t find anyone to deliver my vision? YES. Does that mean I have to make time to give speeches in Toastmasters and record my speeches in order to prepare for upcoming speaking engagements? YES. Does that mean I have to dedicate time to writing my book even when I have other items on my agenda that are requested of me?  YES. You will always make time for the things you want to make time for. You can get a glimpse of where someone is going by watching what they are doing today. Take a close look at your schedule. What is taking up your time? What is trying to keep you away from the love of your life? Your time should be filled with creating unforgettable moments with the ones you love and pursuing the things you love. Reevaluate your schedule and fill it up with the most meaningful activities that will help you make the most of your life.  When you are truly in LOVE, you make the things you love a PRIORITY.

So how deep is your love? Is it deeper than the list of responsibilities that continue to pile up? Is it deeper than the fear that is trying to consume you?Wouldn’t it be a tragedy if you went through life without experiencing all of the love that is waiting for you? You have to realize that what you want also wants you! If your love is being tested, LOVE more. Don’t be afraid to put your heart and soul into your vision. When your vision and your WHY is greater than you, you will be greeted with energy that will allow you to surpass the expectations of your mind. You have to KEEP PUSHING. Love is one of the most rejuvenating feelings that you can experience. But in order to sustain the feelings, you have to put in the WORK. Stay focused on what really matters.  Your Love has to be DEEP in order to live the life that you want. Prove your love by staying committed to your goals. Loving your dreams through thick and thin is not easy, but it will be worth it! So if someone asks you how deep is your love, show them how committed you are to living a life that you can fall in love with EVERY day!

Keep Creating Endless Opportunities,

Ms. Corporate America 2015

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