The Official Ms. Corporate America Photo Shoot Video

Thank you to everyone who made the Ms. Corporate America photo shoot possible. I had a blast working with Chicago's very own pageant photographer Dan Duverney and the fabulous hair stylist and make-up Artist Triphena Johnson. Tiffany Jenkins I owe you a big thank you for all of your hair prowess.  Thanks to the MCA Executive Director, Anissa King, for an awesome prize package for Queens!

See below video and photos from the shoot. This song is dedicated to every woman with a compelling mission and vision who is boldly going towards their dreams. You have something AMAZING to give to the world. If you can see it and believe it, it's easier to achieve it! Go marry your dreams and contribute to the world in a greater way!



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Official Ms. Corporate America Photo Shoot Video:

Keep Creating Endless Opportunities, 

Ms. Corporate America 2015

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