Live from Georgia: Victoria Henley’s Magnifique Runway Show Competition

Hockey Hall of Famer, Wayne Gretzky, stated that “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. What a brilliant quote! Your window of opportunity will pass you by if you fail to take action.  Well isn’t that common sense? I wish! Unfortunately, there are more people standing on the sidelines as spectators versus taking action in this exhilarating game that we call life.  But what would happen if we followed First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s advice? Eleanor Roosevelt stated that “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face…you must do the thing you think you cannot do”. What happens after you expose yourself to new opportunities? Doors open! Wide.

                                                                                          Designer: Native Royalty

Designer: Native Royalty 

Designer: Native Royalty 

That’s exactly what happened when I decided to participate in the Ms. Corporate America pageant.

When some people think about pageantry, they instantly diminish who they are and what they could accomplish on stage because they are incapacitated by their fears or don’t want to face the risk of rejection.

Ha! It’s time to start rejecting rejection so that you can unwrap all of the presents that have your name on it. When you compete in the Ms. Corporate America pageant, the prize package goes beyond a crown and sash. In fact, everyone who becomes a part of this empowering professional pageant system has the chance to win prizes and connections that are not listed on the website.

Awesome right? I know!!! You have the opportunity to take advantage of modeling and speaking opportunities that take place after the pageant. You never know who you will meet at the pageant and you never know where that interaction will take you. Maybe it will take you to Georgia!

From Left to Right: Cierra, Victoria Henley, Phaidra, Charlene 

Do you remember Victoria Henley from Cycle 19 of the hit show, America’s Next Top Model?  Well Victoria Henley was among the elite panel of judges who selected me to be your Ms. Corporate America 2015.  Her experience on the popular reality TV show exposed her to millions of people worldwide and has allowed her to model on the covers and in editorial spreads for countless fashion magazines, host runway shows, and teach modeling workshops to aspiring models of all ages across the U.S. She hosted the Magnifique Runway Show in a small town in Georgia as a way to connect fashion designers, photographers, actresses, talent scouts, and models to opportunities that will allow them to expose their talents. Models from across the US walk in showcases vying for prestigious prizes such as magazine spreads, ad campaign spots, spot in televised runway show, customer designer pieces, and more in the model competition.  So guess who was in Georgia working the runway and participating in commercial competitions on July 10th and 11th? Me! I was ecstatic that a couple of my long time friends also joined me on this modeling adventure. We unanimously agreed that the modeling and portfolio prep combined with the commercial and runway exposure added the right touch to our personal ambitions. The event started on Friday, July 10th with a commercial competition for Native Royalty clothing designed by an innovative mother/daughter duo who are taking on the fashion world by storm!  It takes work to instantly memorize lines and remember them when you are on camera!

Preparing for Commercial Competitions......

Designer: Native Royalty 

Designer: Native Royalty 

Designer: Native Royalty 

So what does it take to model in a 3 - hour runway show? Agility, strategy, team -work, water, and granola bars! Before the show started, we had to identify all of the designers that we would be modeling for and make sure we had a savvy garment exit strategy. With only an average of 7-12 girls modeling for each designer, we had to dash to our dressing room and change into our next outfit in less than 93.5 seconds. Yikes!! That means we had to look out for our fellow model and make sure she was zipped up and flawless before ripping the runway. Behind the scenes was a mixture of dresses flying, lip balm rolling, and hair flipping into a desired style. It may sound a bit hectic but we loved the adrenaline rush. We were called to think fast, move confidently, and share our energy with the audience. We enjoyed every moment and each step we took on the runway paid off. Not only did we love working with Victoria Henley and the other models, but we also won prizes! My friends took home modeling spots with project runway and I won two beauty editorials. Talk about icing on the cake!

Designer: Rue 21 

Designer: 02 Jeans 

Designer: Amber Wright 

Designer: Native Royalty 

Speaking of cake,  our bodies were craving food after exerting so much energy at the fashion show. So where do models eat after walking in 4  -inch heels for 5 hours and running frantically up and down stairs to change into over 10 different pieces of attire? The Waffle House! This was my first visit to a waffle house in the south and I must say that the food was scrumptious! I had to revisit the waffle house before boarding my plane back to Chicago.

Waffle House 

We laughed our socks off. We ran like we never ran before. We learned something new. We won fabulous prizes. And we made connections that will go beyond this event. This will not be the last time you see us rip the runway. Stay tuned! 

Don't be afraid to try something new! You may be surprised to meet another YOU that has been waiting inside of YOU this entire time. 

Designer: Native Royalty 

On set doing the Commercial for Native Royalty Clothing Line 

Keep Creating Endless Opportunities,

Ms. Corporate America 2015

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