Metro Achievement Center Appearance: YOU ARE VALUABLE!

When it rains, it pours. We begin to question our ability to make it through the storm. Don’t you know that your test was a gift that you can give to others in the form of a testimony? Your mess is a message that can inspire others to GROW through what they are GOING through. Where you have been can help someone else get to where they are going. No matter if you felt defeated in the past, doubted your capabilities, or felt insecure in your own skin, you can still rise and be great because YOU ARE VALUABLE!

That was my message to 7th and 8th girls at the Metro Achievement Center on Tuesday, July 21st.  I assumed I was going to speak to a small group of 20 students but I was greeted by over 90 incredible girls who are and WILL continue to make a difference in this world. What an amazing sight to see! I can’t thank Past Toastmasters District Governor and fellow CPA, Joan Moore, enough for recommending me for such a great opportunity. An opportunity that would force me to follow my own advice IMMEDIATELY.

I was invited to deliver an empowering message about moving from Fear to Confidence by recognizing your VALUE. I spoke to students about my ability to complete over 100 scholarship applications in order to finance my undergraduate education, become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and be persistent in my pageant journey in order to win the title of Ms. Corporate America. I focused on my ability to turn these obstacles into opportunities by recognizing my value. As I reflected on my past experiences, my energy was redirected to my current situation.I started to think about my career and relationships that I was trying to run back to for comfort. Why? Why would I go back to situations that God has freed me from? Just because I know what to expect out of those situations doesn't mean those situations meet the expectations for my life. Just because the alternative path is filled with a mountain of ambiguity does not mean I should not try to climb it. But why Is it more appealing to be comfortable than to be happy? If you were given a vision of a greater future, why would you be willing to settle for less? Are we complacent with being undervalued? Why do we remain in situations that do not ADD value. Kings and Queens, it's time to increase your net worth! 

If you were designed to be a $50 bill, you should not diminish your value by acting like a $1 bill. A $1 bill can only operate within their self - imposed limitations but you were given so much more. You have to understand what you are capable of! You were born to do great things. You were born to give something unique to the world. You were born with a powerful purpose that only YOU can pursue. Don't let your tainted mentality keep you from a beautiful reality! 

If it's in your heart to be an employer, don't allow years to pass you by serving the role of an employee. If you were given the gift of speaking, don't limit your voice to the speaking opportunities you were presented with. Create your own opportunities! If you are seeking a more purposeful life, develop powerful relationships that will propel you forward.If you are aiming to go to business school, don't let the financial concerns cloud your vision. It may be easier to go back to the path that everyone walks but will you be happier? When you truly understand your value, you don't focus on the obstacles. The obstacle is a disguised opportunity that can propel you to arenas that will ADD more value.

Transform your mentality and you will change your reality. 

You can not expect a million dollar bank account with a five dollar mentality. Upgrade your value by facing your FEARS. Don't run from the unexpected. Rise up to the new blessings that are heading your way. You have to wake up and realize that YOU ARE VALUABLE. Stop settling for LESS when you can have the BEST.

Even when you feel like you are at your lowest, you must still be willing to rise to your best. Each young lady in the room raised their hand and stated that at one point in their life, they felt defeated, insecure, lost, doubtful, and poor. None of this matters. Just like a $50 bill that has been stepped on, crumbled, and misused, you still have value. Rise up! When you understand your worth, no one or nothing can stop you from redeeming your rewards. When you understand your worth, you empower others to understand their worth. YOU ARE VALUABLE! 

Photographer: The Talented Kathleen Mosley, KinKat Photography

The best way to increase your value is to be a valuable contributor to the development of others. 

The best way to enhance your value is to be the best YOU because nobody can do it better than YOU!

About the Metro Achievement Center in Chicago:

Metro Achievement Center for girls has spent 30 years helping young girls become successful women by teaching them how to be good students, daughters, sisters, and friends.

It’s carefully designed programs provide a combination of academic support, character development, and fun! Metro Achievement Center for girls celebrates 100% high school graduation and college enrollment for the past 15 years!

At Metro, we work closely with each girl’s parents to ensure that she can become the best version of herself.

Keep Creating Endless Opportunities, 

Ms. Corporate America 2015 

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