How to Become a CPA in 9 Months: Live Under a Rock Like I Did

Source: Robert Half Finance & Accounting Blog Feature

"The CPA exam is like a marriage. If you want to know how to become a CPA, you have to stay focused on your goal, even when it gets tough and you feel like breaking up with the process. You can’t cheat on your study schedule and expect to see the letters "CPA" behind your name."

When a manager told me I was living in fairytale land to think I could pass the CPA exam in less than a year, I wanted to snap my fingers and show her my powers. She had tried for five years to become a certified public accountant and was frustrated by unsuccessful attempts.

I didn’t have a straight-A record in my accounting courses to vaunt about, nor did I grow up surrounded by accountants who shared their financial statement stories with me. What I did have was a level of grit and tenacity that stems from being a first-generation college student determined to expose others to the possibilities in life when you relentlessly go for what you want.

Knowing how to become a CPA by passing the tests in nine months? Now that was the ultimate test to see how far my drive would take me.

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