Behind the Scenes as a Judge: Miss Cary-Grove Business Scholarship Pageant

 Image Credit: Linda M. Barrett

Image Credit: Linda M. Barrett

So I'm celebrating my 7-anniversary of the moment in which I decided to compete in my first pageant. I remember my energy high but my nerves were probably even higher. I wanted to know the million dollar question, "what will the judges be looking for?"

Well, this time I got to experience what Judges are looking for when I was asked to be a part of the Miss Cary-Grove Business Scholarship Pageant. On May 22, 2017, I took a seat in the Judge's chair for part 1 of what we call "the Do or Die Interview!"

Each contestant had a chance to have a private interview with the judges. 

But this time I got to take a seat in the Judge's chair. And let me tell you what happened - and what I learned! 

First, stop If you think women who compete in pageants are just pretty faces who possess a strikingly high level of charm that makes you fall in love with them, you're missing out on the essence of what these young ladies represent. 

Yes, some women may compete and may fail in the common sense test that most Americans use. I personally don't think there's common sense if you haven't been exposed to it. 

Let's be real: They've probably accomplished more on their resume then you've achieved in a lifetime. I mean these are serious go-getters! 

Yeah, you think you know it all but you have no idea. The onstage performance is only half the competition. There's another thing that we like to call "interview" that happens before the on stage competition takes place. So yes, communication skills are important. 

Congratulations to the following award recipients!

Mary Grace Riley -Miss Cary-Grove 2017

Ella Spoelstra - 1st Runner-Up and Miss Congeniality

Daisy Wenc - 2nd Runner-Up

Elisha Bushman for Most Photogenic

Thank you to Cary-Grove Chamber Board Members Lisa Raupp and Ellen McAlpine of Envoy Mortgage for co-chairing this fantastic event. Thank you to our Chamber businesses that sponsor and support the girls. Thank you to Linda M. Barrett Productions for capturing the wonderful event on camera.

And a big thank you and congratulations to all 11 young ladies that took part in the Miss Cary-Grove Business Scholarship Pageant.