These Yoga Poses Will Give You the Ultimate Focus Boost

Featured In: The Path Mag

Get the clothes from the cleaners, respond to emails, pay credit card bills, and send updates to your team. You look at your planner and immediately become frazzled staring at the long list of untouched tasks. (Wait, did you forget to leave time for sleep again?) Though your body may want to break into a raging temper tantrum, your mind knows that the best remedy for your sudden scatterbrain symptoms and lack of focus is relaxation.

If you want to achieve the focus necessary to achieve your goals, you must first clear your mind. Yoga is one of the most effective focus improvement options available, putting you “in the zone” and clearing your mind to give you the energy to perform at your best.

If you’re ready to start getting things done faster and with less stress, check out these six ultimate yoga poses for better focus.

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