Mary Kate Lewis Full Testimonial Pic.png


Mary Kate L. (Boston, MA)

I asked Charlene to look over my resume and I was so thankful for (but not surprised) by the incredible help that I received. She not only told me what could be done better, but she congratulated me on what I did well and also provided concrete and easy to follow examples on how to improve! Charlene provided tips and insights that I wouldn’t have been able to receive elsewhere.  If you’re looking for ways to improve your professional image, or if you just need a little encouragement on getting started, Charlene will help you by empowering you to recognize your strengths and then use them to your advantage to reach your goals!

Taara King Testimonial Pic.jpg

Taara K. (New York, NY) 

Charlene helped coached me for my first pageant I ever competed in.  While she helped me craft my interview, walk and stage presence--what sets her apart from anyone I've ever worked with was her genuine sense of interest in my life.  Charlene helped me to become more confident and overcome the emotional/mental barriers that came with competing.  She was super supportive and always a resource.  I wholeheartedly recommend working with her.

Tiffany Taylor Crop.jpg

 Tiffany T. (Chicago, IL)

I reached out to Charlene while I was applying to a highly selective Pre MBA program. Although it was clear that I did my research, my WHY wasn't clear. Charlene challenged me to dig deeper and personalize my essay. She asked me questions that helped me get to know myself better. Once I was able to connect the dots, I realized that there was a lot more synergy between my personal and professional goals than I originally thought. I rewrote my essay telling MY personal story and not the version I felt the admissions team wanted to hear. The results were awesome! Without Charlene's insight, I ran the risk of submitting an essay that was not personal enough to differentiate me from the other candidates.